Sprayable Energy, or Why I’ve Been on Hiatus

Gee, that was a bit longer than four months.

Four months ago, I penned my last post and then decided to go on hiatus for a month.

I guess I never really came back. Sorry guys! If you were curious what I was up to - well, it was Sprayable Energy.

This is a bit late notice too - by the time you read this, there will probably either be just a few hours left in Sprayable Energy’s campaign or none at all and you will have missed out on this opportunity and these deals forever. Again, sorry guys - I wish I was a better marketer, but clearly I’m not :).

Actually, we really aren’t good marketers. We somehow managed to raise over $160,000 on Indiegogo in about 40 days, which I suppose if extrapolated out would suggest that we managed to get enough traction to potentially sell well over a million dollars in revenue a year pre-product. Fingers crossed things go as well in reality.

So here we are, as the current #1 most popular campaign on Indiegogo out of 4,200 active campaigns, and as the #2 most funded small business campaign of all time, having raised more than 1000% of our original goal.

But truth be told, we really had no idea what the hell we were doing the entire time. Really, it was just pure luck, from beginning to end.

In fact, my next post I write is going to be titled “How we got married, went back to school, and launched a startup at the same time.” But more on that later.

For now, just wanted to give a quick heads up, hopefully transition back into blogging more, and give you all a chance to grab Sprayable Energy before it’s gone if you so desire. Just check out this link! Sprayable Energy



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