I’ve been thinking all day about something to write about. At this point, it’s enough of a detriment to my other work that writing about nothing has become the right call.

I’m obligated by my self-imposed rules to make a post every Monday and Friday. But today, there’s just nothing that particularly strikes my fancy as a suitable subject.

I think it’s important to keep in mind why rules were originally imposed, and not lose track of the fundamental goal. In my case, I’ve imposed various rules on myself to ensure that I stay productive.

Today, I find my rules conflicting towards that end. I’m trying to push out revisions for my provisional patent on Sprayable Energy as tonight is the deadline for filing - tonight, US patent law historically changes from a first-to-invent system to a first-to-file system.

Yet attempting to find a topic for this post is taking enough of a cognitive load that it’s starting to actively threaten my ability to get real work done on the patent and elsewhere. It’s something I have to get checked off my list, and the longer it lingers there, the greater the nagging feeling in my brain becomes.

So I’m calling it quits here, and writing about nothing. Moral of the story? Don’t let lesser concerns get in the way of what’s important.


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